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Ray Haynes. This is a felon’s cell. He seems to have started in a debtor’s cell, moved on up to this felon’s cell, and then did some time in the dungeon.

Ray Haynes, from Browns Mills, in the dungeon. Note the shoulder patch.

This is one of a very few clusters of girlfriends names. Dan was much more imaginative in commemorating Kathy.

Hard to miss Janet. “Cindy Martin ‘84” was very likely a prison museum visitor.

Some were held in the dungeon before hanging. Others were placed there as punishment. (Colley) King wintered there. Suffering a severe allergy to work, haystacks, hay barns and gardens, small game got him nicely through spring, summer and fall. A…

Four named inmates were fairly rare. Calvin Douglas James Murray had a right to be proud – in this, if nothing else.

The obsolete, poorly maintained county jail, lacking any recreational or educational programs, could indeed be Hell’s Hole for many inmates.

Anyone who knew enough to draw this crucifixion scene would have known that Christ was crucified with two thieves. It appears that the artist drew only the thieves. Did release come before the artist could finish, or was there another reason that…

This, obviously the beginning of a calendar, is not counted among the six with days crossed off still present in 1993.


Crosses atop coffins? Were they drawn by the same man?
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