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Driven to drink by an arrow-pierced heart?

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Roy’s release or incarceration date?


Iron pots may have been used for cooking in the 1810s and 1820s. The wood door leads to the 1920s kitchen torn down during the 1990s rehab.

Since the basement cells were originally intended as workshops, their doors were oak, not iron, and could be lifted off the pintles upon which they hung.

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“Dan’s” artwork depicting his apparent ardor for “Kathy” appears throughout the Jail. This may have been the piece which gave birth to his “Dan and Kathy” art work. The “don’t look over the door behind you” is a reference to a huge eye drawn over…

Not more than one in 10,000 visitors would recognize this 1685 Philadelphia street plan cartouche which appeared on an inset on a few 18th century maps of Pennsylvania. Our jail attracted some well-educated inmates.

If the writer indeed had just been “sentenced” to New Jersey State Prison for 4 to 6 years, he was about to move on to bigger, if not better, accommodations.

The artist could have at least drawn the outline of the jail and its yard to scale!


Norris may or may not have been a bard, but he wrote fancy graffiti. Could you do 65 pushups or even 10?

Why is she standing on some sort of homemade Christmas tree-like stand? Who knows?
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