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A knife, possibly with a running animal on the handle. Had the artist used one like it illegally? Did he want one like it for self-defense or to use to escape? Or was he just doodling? Our graffiti could be a source of endless speculation.

A simple but interesting portrait. Most would not have wanted to share a cell with him.

Thousands slept here but only Harris bothered to write about it.

A sheriff’s badge and what seems, without study, as something in Latin. Can anyone translate?

Game score?

It is not a calendar, but what is it? Maybe a game score?

Crosses atop coffins? Were they drawn by the same man?

This, obviously the beginning of a calendar, is not counted among the six with days crossed off still present in 1993.

Anyone who knew enough to draw this crucifixion scene would have known that Christ was crucified with two thieves. It appears that the artist drew only the thieves. Did release come before the artist could finish, or was there another reason that…

The obsolete, poorly maintained county jail, lacking any recreational or educational programs, could indeed be Hell’s Hole for many inmates.
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