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A lot of “fine art” may have been lost on falling paint flakes before any of it was photographed.

Ray Haynes is well remembered by former correction officer Stan Fayer. He got a piece of stone loose from one of the debtors’ cells windows, and tried to hit Stan with it as he walked across the yard below the window. Perhaps not coincidentally,…

Game scores and counts of push-ups and sit-ups were common. Who was “Sonja” and did the cross symbolize her death?

The finger pointed to the “We’re watching you, you can’t get out” eye graffiti over the cell block entrance door.

“Jesus loves you” and other religious sentiments and drawings were surprisingly frequent.

No comment needed.

Dan showed both artistic talent and imagination in commemorating his fondness for Kathy. Two nearly identical drawings were among the other graffiti, and another, lacking as many points and without initials, may have been a prototype.

The remains of one partial-year calendar with days served crossed off. It appears then that this type of cell wall decorating is not the brain child of a New Yorker cartoonist.

Many inmates did seem to have had fond memories of their (probably very short) stays.

Another “Dave and Kathy”.
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